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Because the national anthem ceremonies did not stand, Colin-Capecnik was criticized. Now that he is a free agent, he is facing an embarrassing situation. Richard Sherman has something to say about this.

In an interview, Richard Sherman was asked about Colin Kapelnik’s situation in the free agent market, and the Replica NFL Jerseys team’s opposition to the isolation of Capenik expressed their views. Richard Sherman changed his attitude towards Colin Kapnik, and Sherman gave a high degree of sympathy to Capenic’s current situation.

“I now believe that Kapnik has suffered unfair treatment. This is unbelievable because he plays in such a high level of league. We only look at the Players’s Dream Dallas Cowboys Jerseys. We can see that the position of the quarterback is different, even if there is The quarterbacks have never been able to play high-level games, but they still have teams to look for. At this point in time, Kappenik can obviously find a team that needs to replace the quarterback, like Matt Schaub. After he has experienced a bad season, he can still reach an agreement with other teams. This has nothing to do with football. You can see this. There are many teams that will sign some before the quarterback. There are no players who have played the game.”

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At the beginning, Richard Sherman hoped that Capenik could find a team to play, but then Sherman changed his opinion. He thought that maybe Kapnik had a chance to get a starting position.

“You know that there are only a handful of elite quarterbacks in the league, and then you can only pick the players who can take on the big task from the rest of the players. You can pick a player with enough talent and then he can be the team’s starting lineup. He may be the starting point for the other 20 teams. But the problem now is that these teams have chosen other people and said they want to be the starting quarterback. I am puzzled.” Sherman continues to be the card Penny defended Replica NFL Jerseys.

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Packer quarterback Aaron Rogers believes that a good season will be seen for the packers fans, but now they still have a lot of work to do. And Aaron Rogers thinks so, he has a certain opinion on the defensive team.

“Before the start of the season, we may need to continue to add personnel to the defensive team, but we can’t stop the pace of the offense. Head coach Mike McCarthy has a very good system, he can guarantee our development and change, we need Take full use of our existing things,” Rogers said.

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In fact, Rogers’s concern is very reasonable. The packers have made changes in the team’s catch lineup. They brought Matus-Bennet and Lance-Kendricks. It looks like Obviously more than the defensive end of the reinforcements, and not only that, in addition to the loss of defensive players, the packer’s offensive line also lost a lot of key personnel. On the defensive end, the unnamed little Ricky-Kien-François and the cornerback Devin-Haus are introduced, but obviously this does not help the packers too much.