Replica Alex Bowman Soccer Golf Course Etiquette Stadium T-Shirts

Adidas, this brand should not need to introduce more and popular science! Starting with football, its founder, Adi Dassler, is a shoemaker and very craftsman. Although Adidas is now one of the best sports brands in the world, covering almost all sports, football has always been the core of Adidas strategy. Nike Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirts was later ugly in many projects, but football is always the moat of Adidas, the bottom line and face of Adidas.

Club representatives: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, first talk about the club’s team, Bayern needless to say, the roots of the German giant club, plus Adi or Bayern’s shareholders, the jersey is Adi sponsor this It is iron. Juve didn’t want to say more. In the past, Nike’s own company was now dug by Adi Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirt. This is like Chelsea’s job-changing Nike. In business talks, which one gives more money.

Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirts

Finally, the Adi team, or the most representative team: Real Madrid. In my impression, as long as I saw Real Madrid’s jersey, especially the classic Real Madrid jersey, it is basically with three bars. Real Madrid is a giant in the giants, aristocrats in the giants. Real Madrid is naturally the top card of Adi’s club camp and is also the trump card. And Adi in the Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirts design, at least from the beauty, win Nike five Miss World plus two streets. If Real Madrid is sponsored by Nike, the design of the Real Madrid jersey is estimated to be the deduction of the tower on the big Paris jersey, and then the logo of Real Madrid. So now the combination of the two is still quite perfect. Immediately, the contract between Real Madrid and Adi is about to expire, and Adidas hastened to prepare a thick checkbook!

National team representatives: Germany, Argentina, Spain, Japan, then talk about the national team, Germany! Still use it? His own country has such a strong sports brand, the main football, his national football team is so strong, sponsoring the German team is a matter of course. Argentina, this does not need to say much, how many people like Argentina because of the jersey Alex Bowman Soccer Golf Course Etiquette Stadium Jersey Wearing. Of course, not only because of the design of Adi Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirt, the sky blue and white, it has a bug-like attribute bonus to the jersey value. Spain, an important member of the Adi array, not much to say.

Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirts

Finally, the Japanese team, Japan is not a first-class in the Adi array, the second-rate has some difficulties, but still want to introduce the Japanese team’s jerseys. From an aesthetic point of view, the Japanese team’s jersey has never let me down, it is really pretty, from design to texture, it is high, very consistent with the Japanese team “blue warrior” title (that is, the flag on the jersey I will always Can’t see it). This superior jersey design is not only because Adidas attaches importance to the Japanese market, but more importantly, the Japanese also pay great attention to the jersey design. Every time the jersey is updated, especially in the World Cup year, the Japanese team will send a special design team to participate in the design.

Replica Alex Bowman T-Shirts

You should never think that this is a normal thing. Adidas is sponsoring the shirt. The sponsored team is his client. Adi is a professional company that classifies customers, just like I used to work for. The company classifies customers like A, B, and C. Then, most of the company’s resources are used in Class A customers, and a small part is used in Class B, taking into account Class C. Converted to the jersey, is to use the best design of the best design team of the year on the giants, and then the strong team, and finally get the Adi logo style used in the ordinary team. Therefore, customers like the Japanese team between the Class B and C classes can enjoy the top-level treatment of Class A customers, which is rare (thus comparing Nike-sponsored Super League jerseys). Like Swansea, the Premier League regular team sponsored by Adi, the rumors of the jersey design took only one day. Where it takes so long, it may be time for the designer to urinate.